Skiing and Covid

Why a self-catered ski holiday should still be your winter destination this year

If you and your family or friends are desperate to get away, a holiday in the mountains could certainly be one of the best places to go. Especially with all the fresh mountain air and physical activity that comes with a winter holiday in the Alps. Just what our bodies and minds are searching for right now!
Covid-19 of course presents its challenges and a series of questions! However we believe that self-catered holidays are the safest type of holiday to take whilst the Coronavirus is still around.

7 ways to make your skiing holiday “covid-safe”

  1. Booking a whole chalet or apartment on a self-catered basis
    This has the advantage that you can stay just with your group and therefore limit any exposure to others. Especially when compared to package holidays or catered chalet holidays, where you are constantly in contact with other people.

  2. Cook yourself
    As you are in charge of all your meals on a self-catered holiday, you will not be faced with the risk of contamination from an in-house chef and/or host. These are normally local seasonnaires mixing with lots of different people.

  3. Meal delivery
    If you don’t fancy cooking for yourselves every evening, there’s an easy solution. Ready-prepared meals delivered directly to your chalet door!
    Local service, Huski delivers all your meals (and drinks!) for a perfect covid-friendly solution to holiday dining. Huski offer a range of meals, from the UK’s ‘COOK’ to their own range of locally-made Savoie classics such as Tartiflette and Boeuf Bourgogne. Delivery is zero-contact, delivered to your door by Huski’s team of reliable locals; ready to heat up and enjoy. Delicious, Easy and Safe.

“Huski – Covid-friendly solution to holiday dining”

  1. Online shopping
    If you don’t like the idea of food shopping in a supermarket, then you can order online with SuperU – Aigueblanche. Get your shopping delivered to your chalet on arrival. This takes the hassle and risk out of supermarket shopping. Click on this link for more info.

  2. ‘In-house’ ski rental equipment
    To avoid the stress and crowds of a local ski shop get your boot and ski delivered. And have the fitting carried out in the comfort of your own chalet.
    Rental Republic‘ offer a fantastic service! Additionally they are available throughout the whole of your holiday to make adjustments / swap equipment if required.

  3. Baguette and pastry delivery
    Fancy freshly baked bread or pastries every morning, but want to avoid physically going to the bakery? Then no problem! The local ‘Bell’ Savoie‘ bakery offers this excellent service. This is another way to help with all social distancing protocols, without missing out!

  4. Drive yourself – The safest mode of transport!
    The beauty of not going on a package or tour operator holiday is also choosing your own mode of transport. Since driving is the ‘safest’ way to travel in terms of minimising close contact with others, this is great.
    Most of all, you are able to avoid busy public places such as airports and train stations. We all know that these currently hold the highest risk of infection.


If you are looking for a winter break somewhere you can minimise social contact, without missing out on the great local food and incredible skiing, then the French Alps is the place to come.

Remember that when on ski lifts, everyone will be covered in ski gear from head-to-toe so the risk of transmission is even lower! Ski resorts will of course also be putting safety and precautionary measures in place in order to reduce all risk of infection. So that you can hit the slopes with peace of mind!
Additionally it’s worth bearing in mind that Savoie currently has one of the lowest infection rates in the whole of France.

Saint Martin de Belleville – Being a traditional and small ski village comes with advantages in relation to Covid.

Here you won’t be getting swathes of young, international tourists taking over the resort and therefore increasing any potential risk of infection. There is minimal aprés-ski in the village which therefore doesn’t attract the younger crowd.
So as a quiet and quaint resort, with lots of families choosing to stay inside their lovely chalets a lot of the time, St Martin is an excellent choice of resort to spend a safe skiing holiday.

Find out what safety measures ‘SC-Saint Martin’ has put in place to reassure their guests.

Covid Safety Measures

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